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Small Pack


Enough for the average one to two bedroom home.

10x Big Boxes

5x Small Boxes

1x 2.5KG Packs of butchers paper

1x Black 'Sharpie' marking pens

1x Roll of sticky tape

Medium Pack


Enough for the average two to three bedroom home.

10x Big Boxes

20x Small Boxes

2x 2.5KG Packs of butchers paper

1x Black 'Sharpie' marking pens

2x Rolls of sticky tape

Large Pack


Enough for the average three to four bedroom home.

20x Big Boxes

40x Small Boxes

6x 2.5KG Packs of butchers paper

2x Black 'Sharpie' marking pens

3x Rolls of sticky tape

Small Box


Good for heavier things, like books and plates.

Internal Dimensions:

Length - 406mm

Width - 298mm

Height - 431mm

Big Box


A traditional tea chest box. Use for light stuff.

Internal Dimensions:

Length - 431mm

Width - 406mm

Height - 596mm



Keeps your Sunday best neatly on hangers.

Internal Dimensions:

Length - 595mm

Width - 476mm

Height - 1080mm


Packing Paper 2.5KG


For wrapping up everything fragile.


Tape dispenser


This premium quality tape gun makes taping your boxes a breeze.

Packing Tape


Remember to tape every box securely.

A roll is 75 meters long and 48mm wide


Permanent Marker


Black marker. For writing 'misc' on every box.

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